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Friday, June 23, 2006


A paparazzi was caught outside of Angelina Jolie's son Maddox's daycare centre. that is super creepy but what is even less normal? the daycare manager made a citezens arrest! oh my I wouldn't do that you never know he could be like a freaking Taewondo master or a really slim sumo wrestler, he'd take you down!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tommy Lee trying to be big again!

Tommy Lee has signed on to be part of the all-star band assembled for this season's edition of the reality show Rock Star. Rounding out the band are ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, and Guns N' Roses's Gilby Clarke. Contestants on the show will compete for the opportunity to front the band, who will be known as Supernova.

Monday, March 13, 2006

yet another sex tape!

One of the girls in Kid-Rocks sex tape is sueing to prevent the sale of the taoe and also she is filing for compensation (a.k.a money!) because of the emotional distress she has endured!

K-Fed's been shut down!

Kevin Federline has been put on a budget. Britney Spears will give the rapping hopeful a monthly allowance for his own expenses, but larger purchases, like cars or fancy vacations, will need Britney's stamp of approval first.

MJ must miss the courtroom!

yesterday I put out a thing on how MJ hasn't paid his workers well now Michael Jackson must repay hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid salaries by 5pm tomorrow or face a lawsuit from the state of California. Neverland ranch workers claim they have not been paid since mid-December.

C-Murders murder charges dropped!

The Louisiana Supreme Court has overturned a 2003 murder conviction against rapper C-Murder because the jury was not informed that the witnesses who testified against him had criminal backgrounds. The 35-year-old had been sentenced to life behind bars without parole, but could now be free as early as today. The District Attorney's office has not announced whether or not they plan to retry the rapper.

Courtney love's sell out!

While in London this weekend, Courtney Love told British tabloids that she plans to sell a quarter of her share of the Nirvana songs. the widow of Kurt Cobain said she is expecting what she describes as "quite a lot of money" for 25% of her share of the band's songs. Love is in the UK negotiating a new record deal and working on a television documentary. well you now thats all fine and dandy but why would you want to own the songs for a gazzillion dollars when you can listen to them for free? and If I was married to Courtney loe I'd shoot myself to so yo I can feel Kurt Cobain's pain!!!


Jeezy was arrested after a shootout in South Beach, Florida early on Friday morning and charged with two counts of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. 28-year-old rapper was part of a group of nine people when a fight broke out and a man stopped to film it. When the man refused to hand over the camera, someone began shooting. Police stopped the rapper and two SUV carloads of his friends leaving the area of the scuffle and found a semiautomatic under Jeezy's seat and another gun near the armrest. His attorney claims the guns do not belong to Jeezy. No one was hurt in the incident. I'd like to know who the hell Jeezy is!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


As of yesterday, it has been exactly nine years since the unsolved murder of rapper The Notorious B.I.G. The anniversary was accompanied by the announcement that “Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua will be heading up a film based on the hip hop legend’s life and death. The film is being produced by the rapper’s mother and his former managers.

Rich Bitch

Paris Hilton failed to make a donation at Elton John’s post-Oscars benefit gala for his AIDS foundation, according to the New York Post. The paper reports that the heiress was asked to make a donation of $2,000 (U.S.) like all the other guests, but she said “Do you know who I am?” and waltzed into the party. A rep for Hilton says that Paris has instructed her accountant to make a donation of $10,000.


Despite reports that Ozzy Osbourne would not be returning to the road, Ozzfest’s founder will headline ten dates on the just-announced tour this summer. The tour kicks off in San Francisco on July 1st in with a full line-up of 20 dates. Also on the Ozzfest line-up are System Of A Down, Disturbed, Hatebreed and Lacuna Coil. OMG!!! I think I'm having a heart attack I love all of these bands, I'm going to Ozzfest! *does victory dance*

haha as if he'll be big!

He may no longer be a Newlywed, but Nick Lachey may be heading back to the small screen. The former husband of Jessica Simpson is to star in a sit-com called “She said, He Said” for the new CW network in the U.S. The show explores how men and women perceive situations differently, an area in which Lachey may have some level of expertise!

Even hard core drug addicted rockers have hearts!

Bad-boy rocker Pete Doherty seems to be trying to re-ignite his love affair with super-model Kate Moss. The singer scrawled “I love Kate 4 Eva” on the windshield of his car while surrounded by reporters outside a London courthouse yesterday, where he faced drug possession charges. In a less romantic gesture, Doherty also wrote “QPR” in honour of his favourite soccer team, the Queens Park Rangers.


California officials shut down Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch yesterday after it was discovered that MJ wasn't paying his employees. Jackson was fined sixty-nine thousand dollars (U.S.) and animal welfare agencies have been called in to care for the animals in the Neverland zoo. Forty seven Neverland employees have filed complaints this year claiming that they have not been paid. Jackson is in the Persian gulf kingdom of Bahrain, where he has remained since his child molestation charges last year(hmm running from the law? it's not illegal to do thing to children in Bahrain). Man he's just begging to get fucked in the ass isn't he? he rapes little boys, he doesn't pay his employees and he leaves his zoo animals to die he really wants to go to prison and you know what they do to guys in prison but maybe after they see his face they won't wanna touch him but the poor guy's not getting any so he figures hey we'll go to prison I'll get butt-fucked there!!!

Warped Tour

AFI and Saves the Day are among the acts announced today as part of the Warped Tour line-up for the summer of ’06. Also in the line-up are Less Than Jake, Senses Fail, Against Me!, NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Say Anything, and Thursday, Joan Jett and The Buzzcocks. The twelfth annual Warped Tour kicks off in Maryland in June, with Canadian dates slated for Vancouver on July 18th and Toronto and Montreal on August 13th and 14th. I can hardly wait ...I think I'll die of excitment!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Can you say SEX GOD???

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy has joined the list of celebrities that have naked pics out there. have you seen the man? I can't wait to see these pictures!!!





In other metal news, thrash pioneers Slayer have recorded their first album with their original line-up in 15 years and are set to hit the road with new metal bands including Lamb of God and Mastodon. The “Unholy Alliance” tour kicks off on June sixth – so be sure to mark 6/6/06 on your calendars.

I just wanna know whether people actually listen to them not counting the deaf ones!!!!

A Cancelled Tour

In an uncharacteristic move, U2 have halted their world tour due to the illness of an unnamed relative of a band member. The Irish rockers have cancelled stadium shows in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand but tour organizers say rescheduled dates should be announced soon.

Lohan's got her moms panties in a bunch!

Lindsay Lohan’s mom tells Seventeen magazine that she’s been shedding tears over her daughter’s bad habit of smoking. Dina Lohan says she fears for Lindsay’s health, especially since the 19-year-old landed in the hospital after suffering a severe asthma attack last year.

naughty lindsay NAUGHTY!!!!

Knocked Up Again?

britney spears' new baby bump shows the pop princess is already expecting her second child. However, Britney’s publicist tells the New York Daily News that the rumours are 100% false. On the other hand, rumours that Britney is looking to go in a more rock ‘n’ roll direction on her new album are true. While in Hawaii, Britney is recording with legendary producer Bob Rock, best known for his work with the likes of Metallica and Motley Crue.
HA Britney ROCK???